Benoît CANET



A show-jumping groom since 2009, Benoît has worked as an employee for the Haras de Vulsain, then for Blandine Roux (at the Hubert Bourdy Stables), Agathe Vacher and, finally, Philippe Rozier. It was in 2013 that he decided, owing to the increasing requests for services, to become independent.

In 2016, he moved to Switzerland and, with Marie, created the company BCMV SARL. He works as groom and driver and is responsible for planning, estimates and invoicing.

« I started in this profession after my studies: I did not want to continue in my branch in the immediate future and I gave myself 5 years to combine my passion for horses with my professional life, conscious of the fact that it is a special and difficult field. I was lucky that Mr. Levy (Haras de Vulsain) gave me his confidence from the start and that I was able to work with Thomas Lévèque at the Stud and at shows, and to then continue with the horsemen with whom I had much pleasure in working, in structures which allowed me to learn and advance. Of course, this 5-year period has long expired but I am lucky to be able to continue to live from my passion !

The activity of a freelance groom is very rewarding. Certainly, I no longer remain in frequent contact with a group of trained horses and I definitely miss this. The same is true as regards habits, follow-up and exchanges with the horses and their horseman. But it is extremely interesting to discover various systems, which are sometimes very different but all of which are worth studying. Freelance also enables me to get to know a large number of horses, horsemen and their team, and other persons involved in this branch, such as veterinary surgeons,…And I regularly see the horses for which I was responsible, which I really enjoy. Being able to manage my planning schedule according to my private life or to develop other projects is also a major advantage.

After having worked under the system of an auto business in France, which in my opinion can hardly be recommended, my departure to Switzerland and the creation of BCMV SARL represent a real adventure and give me great satisfaction. Thanks to this structure, we are able to have a very stable activity in excellent surroundings, be it for our team or for our clients, their horses and their equipment”.



A little less present at horse shows compared to Valentine and Benoît, Marie remains nevertheless an essential part of the smooth functioning of the company.

President of BCMV SARL, Marie carries out most of the administrative tasks in parallel with her activity for her trust company SARDIS FIDUCIAIRE SA.

« After having ridden horses for more than 20 years, of which approximately 10 years taking part in shows, health problems led me to do less riding. I have always owned several horses and enjoyed spending time with them.

My meeting Benoît triggered off the launching of BCMV SARL, parallel to my main activity as accountant via my company SARDIS SOCIETE FIDUCIAIRE SA.  I am therefore lucky to remain in contact with this branch, of which I am very fond, and to be able to accompany Benoît to horses shows, even helping out at times on site.

I can thus combine pleasure with work”.

Valentine AUZAC


Valentine joined the team at the end of 2019. We are pleased to put her experience in the field of horse-jumping and her kindness at your disposal.

“A groom since 2007, I was first able to accompany Cécile Roubaud (Haras de la Roque, owned by Michel Hécart) to horse shows and work at the Stud with her groups of both young and experienced horses. Then I did several jobs, always as a show groom, with Agathe Vacher, Pilar Cordon [with whom Valentine attended the European Championships in Madrid in 2011], Carolex Stables (a very rich experience across the Atlantic during two and a half years) and, finally, I returned to work for Agathe Vacher  who had in the meantime moved to Switzerland.                             

My adventure as a freelance groom began in 2017. This system allows me to work in different structures, to discover different horses, different people and different working methods, which is very rewarding. Further, it is easier for me to combine my professional life with my private life.

Following my meeting Marie and Benoît, they suggested that I join them and I accepted. It is very pleasant to form part of a team and to be able to rely on BCMV for the administrative part and for the management of certain responsibilities, while maintaining a certain amount of autonomy”.